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Tiger Shark Marketing is a digital/online marketing agency based in Preston - We are focused on delivering you a top quality tailored service to help you grow you business!

We began as an idea in mid 2018. Wanting to offer solutions for all sized businesses.

We started with messenger bots and social media marketing and quickly expanded into social media training, email marketing, creative production (Video and Photography) and web design/development.

Moving on and we are now an award winning agency gaining an affluent award in recognition of consistently delivering exceptional client results.

It is our passion to help your business grow a presence online and overall help to increase revenue using the new age of marketing.


So please feel free to get in touch to find a solution for you and your business. 

For any enquiries or to learn more feel free to shoot us a message on Facebook or email!


Harry Tagg - Director

My name is Harry Tagg, co-founder of Tiger Shark Marketing. 

I have always enjoyed creating things, that allows me or my work to express itself. As a free runner and ex self-proclaimed photographer, you can see what I mean...

After doing some freelance work in photography and videography, I realised these videos and images made no sense unless they were getting seen by businesses audiences. Therefore I decided to spend a lot of time researching marketing and advertising online. After about 6 months of hard research, Tiger Shark Marketing was born.


We started doing some smaller projects and I found that I loved the work and really enjoyed helping other people grow their business online. I now solely focus on this and I am so proud of the results we have been able to bring for our clients.