High end car finance brokers (Under NDA)

This client is a high end car finance broker that we were approached to help bring them more leads.
We needed to use Facebook and Instagram to find high networth individuals that are looking to either finance a new car or find a better deal on cars they may have at the time.
This company also does business finance and asset finance, therefore, we hope to expose these new customers to other services they can use.


Potential ROAS @ 10% close rate


New people reached

£850,000 +

Worth of leads
The Goal
Find high net worth individuals and bring in more car finance leads.
The Solution

The budget was set at a nice level for this campaign to start with and allowed us to test enough audiences and creatives fast and effectively.

The first stage was to work out what type of content was going to work best. To do this we found an audience that was very similar to the current customers the company had and then tested out some different images and a video. We found the video to be the best approach.

Stage 2 was to start building a strong audience set, this included testing different interests, behaviours of people and also custom audiences of people that engage with the company already.

Finally, we started to focus the budget more and more on the winners and continued to find success. As we continue we are going to test out more videos, add extra steps into the funnel and test more audiences to make sure we squeeze out as many leads as possible.


This campaign so far has been incredibly successful and we have managed to bring a potentially large return for the client.

  • £850,000k worth of leads.

  • 18x+ return on investment at just 10% close rate (This could be much higher).

  • Over 200K new highly targeted people reached (Brand awareness)

  • Average lead worth of £2500, brought in for just £14 on average

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