Case Study: Using Social Media Marketing To Considerably Increase Your Monthly Revenue

How To Increase Your Businesses Revenue Using Hyper-Targeted Social Media Advertising

You Will Learn...

The importance of social media marketing and why it should be used in your business.

How to track your website visitors and how this data can be used

2 exact working strategies we use for some of our clients.


My name is Harry Tagg, co-founder of Tiger Shark Marketing. 

I have always enjoyed creative things, that allow me or my work to express itself. As a free runner and ex self-proclaimed photographer, you can see what I mean..

After doing some freelance work in photography and videography, I realised these videos and images made no sense unless they were getting seen by businesses audiences. Therefore I decided to spend a lot of time researching marketing and advertising online. After about 6 months of hard research, Tiger Shark Marketing was born.


We started doing some smaller projects and I found that I loved the work and really enjoyed helping other people grow their business online. I now solely focus on this and I am so proud of the results we have been able to bring for our clients.