Monthly artisan candle subscription box

Iggy Box Candles are a subscription box supplying beautiful artisan, organic candles for you to enjoy every month. 
We were asked to come in and help them out on the lead up to Christmas, we managed to help them increase their customers and get a great return on ad spend! Check out the results below.


ROAS reached from cold traffic


New people reached


ROAS reached from warm traffic
The Goal
During this short campaign period we wanted to do some testing and bring in new subscription customers
The Solution

We only had a short time period and small budget to execute this campaign. Therefore we set everything up to run as effectively as possible from day one.

The first stage was to grow a cold audience. To do so we used a range of short videos to grab attention and get people interested in the product. We tested this over a bunch of different audiences to see what was working the best.

Stage 2 was to target the warm audience. These were people that had been on the website and not purchased or had some sort of engagement with the brand. This retargeting started to bring in some really good return on investment.

Finally, in stage 3, we collected as much information as we could and created audiences that looked similar to people that were purchasing currently, again bringing a nice return on investment.


It was a small budget and short period of time which can be very difficult especially for eCommerce but we managed to eventually bring a good return on investment.

  • 7.87X ROAS from cold traffic.

  • 44.1x or 4410% ROAS on the highest retargeting campaign.

  • Over 37.9K new highly targeted people reached.

  • Average 3x ROAS over the whole campaign.

For our most succesful retargeting campaign, we managed to get a massive 44.1x return on ad spend. This means that we were bringing in £44 for every £1 spend on the campaign.


Harry & the team recently supported our subscription box business with social ads in the run up to a Christmas. We have seen a great return on the ad spend and Harry and the team definitely know what they are doing. Very knowledgeable, helpful and proactive. Thanks Tiger Shark!

Gemma Beeston

Iggy Box Candles

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