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16 Steps to win with social media.

Tiger Shark Marketing's essential social media checklist will help you get set up the right way! Read through the guide here and the download link is at the bottom of the page.


Profile Picture and Cover Photo/Video

- First impressions are really important and the profile picture/cover photo is going to be the first thing that people see when they arrive on your social media profiles. We usually recommend to have your profile picture set to your logo. For the cover photo, we would suggest adding in an image that briefly explains what your business is about or even use a short video with animated text to explain.

About/My Story (Facebook)

- This section of Facebook gives you a real chance to explain what you do as a business and your values/culture, even how to get hold of you. But make sure to keep it fairly short and simple to keep peoples attention if they click to read. Finally I would add in a link to your website so that people don't need to click off and find the link elsewhere if they decide they are interested in finding out more or contacting you.

Contact Information (Facebook)

- There is space on your page for you to add in contact information. This will allow customers/acquisitions to get in touch in the quickest way possible so make sure to add in everything you can.

Bio, Highlights, Contact Info (Instagram)

- This is the same as above, however if formatted differently on Instagram. We feel it is much easier to show off on Instagram. The highlights section allows you to create stories and then save them to your page, where your audience can come back and view. We suggest creating little thumbnails to make everything look a lot cleaner and on brand.

Social Media Links on Website

- We have found that a lot of websites either don't have any social media links on their website or haven't set them up properly. The reason this is important is because people are wanting to see what is going on in your business day to day and social media is where they will find out this information. So make sure to link everything up, even if the icons are in the footer of your page.

Post on Story

- Stories are available on almost every social media platform now: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Messenger. They are proving really popular and can really help you reach a new audience if you are posting engaging and relevant content. So keep it up to date with what your business is doing daily and you should see a good increase in engagement. Check out some of our previous post on how to optimise your Instagram to see how we recommend to use the story feature.


Brand Personality

- How are you going to come across to your audience online? Check out the basic framework below to work it out. This will allow you to be consistent and likeable as people will notice the trend in the way you talk to customers.

Style of Content

- This pretty much links to brand personality. Make sure to keep your content consistent in style. If you look through a bunch of Instagram feeds in your industry, the best looking ones that get your attention are more than likely very consistent in their style.

Content Plan

Posting/Content Calendar

- A content calendar is the easiest way to keep on top of what you should be posting. Set these out month by month. We will soon be posting a FREE content planner/calendar so follow our social media pages to find out when you can get your hands on that!

Respond to Comments/Fans + Ask for engagement

- Again, we cover these two points in our previous post regarding Instagram engagement, however they also apply to all of your other social media profiles. Follow this link to find out more

Advertising Strategy

Discuss Current Issues

- This is a really in depth subject that we run through with all of our new clients to make sure we know exactly what their needs and goals are.

Discussing current issues allows us to work out the basics of what we want to work towards.. Are you not converting current traffic? Not getting enough website traffic, or even feel you are not well known enough online.

Create Smart Goals

- Smart goals are a way to define your goals and narrow them down to make it easier to work on.

Specific - What is the goal in as much detail as possible. Try to answer the five W's (What, why, who, where, which

Measurable - This is important so that you can track your goals and progress.

Achievable - Is this something you feel is actually possible for yourself/your business in whatever time frame you choose?

Realistic - Is the goal actually possible? There is no point setting a goal that you know is never going to be possible from what you are doing.

Time-bound - Make sure you set a time frame in which you would like to complete the goal so that you can again, keep on track.

Discover Best Platforms

- Work out what are the best platforms for your business. To be completely honest, every platform is going to have some of your customers on, however, you are more than likely going to have certain platforms that will work better. For example: LinkedIn advertising is more likely going to work better for a B2B business than Instagram.

Learn and Implement Paid Advertising

- There is a lot to learn however if you are on a tighter budget then you can contact us and we can help you out. Google and YouTube are going to be your best friends if you want to learn everything yourself. Once you have done this you can start creating your ads/strategy.

Gather Data, ROI and Scale

- Once you have run some adverts, make sure you collect all of the data, analyse it to see what is working best then then start to scale up the winning adverts and strategies.

If you need help on any of the above then please get in touch and we can help you out.

Now for your download link. We have compiled this checklist into a PDF so that you can share and tick off all of the above steps.

Follow this link to download it now for FREE!

Thank you for reading, hope you got some value from this post. Any feedback is appreciated.

- Tiger Shark Marketing.

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