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Why You Should Never Let An Agency Use Their Own Facebook Ad Account!

At Tiger Shark Marketing one of our core principles is 'Partnership' and as part of this, we talk about transparency from not only our amazing clients but from us to our clients. For this reason, we have always made sure we were secondary to a clients ad account after them, but not only this, we never take an advertising budget as part of our fee, again to make sure the client knows exactly what has been spent on their advertising.

As a business owner reading this, you may be looking to take on an agency or may have one already that does this, so in this short article, we want to touch on some points that explain why we feel this is so important. If you are looking to hire an agency then asking some of these questions in a meeting could be very useful.

Shortcuts aren't always the answer!

As marketers we are never looking for the 'shortcuts' to set up successful campaigns, we want to be as thorough as possible, setting up all of the correct systems and processes in advance of a campaign to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

The excuse for using their own ad account may be something such as 'its faster to set up'. Well yes, this may be the case, however, if someone is looking for shortcuts from day one then the chances are they don't feel that correctly setting up with full transparency is worth the little extra time spent on you.

For owners and founders, your business is your baby and I am sure we are all in the same boat when it comes to starting to outsource work to help you expand, you feel tension, you don't want to let go and therefore finding the right partners and people to help you is incredibly important, meaning people that care about your business almost if not as much as you.

1. You can't control the access

The first point to mention here is that if an agency is running all of their ads from their own account, they have all the permissions. One thing to note is that they are potentially running all of their client's advertisements from one account. This means that they are surely not going to want to grant you much if any access. So the control on what the agency can do is very minimal.

If you decide at a later date you want to part ways for whatever reason, then you will instantly lose access to all of the advertisements that they ran. This may be so that you can't copy anything that they did, which as an agency we do not really understand. Let me explain.

For us, if a client wants to leave for whatever reason, we want to leave them with as much as we possibly can to give them the best chance of success in the future, therefore we will always make sure to leave the ads that we ran in the ad manager so they can look through, maybe copy or take some of the features from what we ran to help them get started on their own in house or maybe with another agency/us again in the future.

2. Other client ad accounts/behaviour

If your adverts are being run from an ad account of an agency, then as I mentioned above, they could be mixed in with a ton of other client campaigns. Any decent agency will keep accounts separate for less confusion with campaigns for themselves. They want to make the advertising process as easy and simple/clear as possible for themselves to aid consistently generating results.

A more important point on this subject is that it is fairly easy for an ad account to get banned if a company is not acting entirely ethically, Facebook does this with little reason, warning or easy appeal. Therefore if another client of your agency gets their ads shut down, all of yours will be turned off too. This may not be the end of the world in regards to setting up another account and starting over, however, first of all, this is more lost time, unprofessional of the agency and most importantly you lose all past performance stats and data. Which brings us nicely onto the next point.

3. Past performance (You and the agency)

There is an incredible amount of power in using past data/performance information, without getting too detailed, the ability to target and retarget to the correct audience, look at the creatives that work the best are just naming a couple of the benefits.

If an agency decides that they want to use their own advertising account then they will be starting from a fresh with your business. This means they lose the ability to look into any of the data that you have previously collected.

When we come into help a business we always start by looking at the lowest hanging fruit, for example, website traffic that have added to their cart but not made a purchase. This way we can drive a huge increase in sales from day one. Here is an example of this in the works.

So you can see here how this is so important and if an agency comes in completely ignorant to this then the chances are they are not too educated in this field.

Next is that you will also lose all of the past performance if you decide to leave them. You won't be able to see any of the adverts that they have run, any of the data from these ads such as audiences but also most importantly potentially the Pixel data that goes along with this. Maybe they are doing this on purpose to stop you using what they created however as an agency we are there to help you with full transparency and respect your decision if you decide to take the work in the house. If they are that worried they are going to lose you as a client, then there may be something they are hiding including a lack of decent results or maybe they are just desperate for your business.

The final point on this subject is all about the ad account health. If an agency is mixing up your adverts with a business that isn't necessarily as ethical or easy to get adverts approved, then your ads may take a lot longer to get approved. When you have a healthy account that gets plenty of adverts approved without the need for manual review, Facebook allows your ads to get passed a lot faster and automatically.

4. Honest/transparent reporting

When the agency gets to the time they do their reporting, they can choose what information they show to you without you being able to go into the account and show you. Not only does this mean they may not pass over all the information you want them to but also they could easily make some of the numbers up including the budget they have spent (Bearing in mind you have paid them the budget they could be keeping extra).

5. Bonuses/credits

The final issue with not having an agency work within your own ad account is that you will miss out on all of the bonuses and benefits that the ad account can bring you. When you have access to your own account, you can pop your own card details in with any card meaning you can rack up card bonuses such as air miles etc. So by letting them use their own account, you may have just paid for a nice flight for the boss.

To Conclude

Looking over all of these points, you can see that it is so important to make sure you are using your own advertising account when you let an agency in. Don't get confused though, an agency may request to add your ad manager to their business manager and this is absolutely fine, you will still get all the rewards and transparency if you are still the owner.

To avoid having any of the issues above, simply ask the questions in the initial meetings with and agency, if they give you answers that don't match the above.... Well, you make your own mind up.

We hope this helps at least one person in the future and saves a lot of hassle and potentially money.

Thanks for reading, any feedback would be massively appreciated.


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