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Why you need to use video!

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

If you have been looking into the marketing space then you have more than likely heard that 'content is king' or 'video is king'. But why is that? In this article we will look at some of the main reasons why video is essential as part of your marketing campaigns.

Video gets shared.

Think about it. When you are scrolling through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you will watch a video and if you like it then you will more than likely share it with a friend. Yes this is the same as images however if we look at the Twitter stats, more than 700 videos are shared every minute! The extra exposure that you can get from people sharing your video is massive.

More Informative In A Shorter Space Of Time.

When you create a video, it is much easier to add in a ton of information in a short space of time. If you can grab the attention of a user, they are much more likely to stick around to watch a video than to read a long piece of text.

Story Telling.

When showing an audience a video, it is much easier to tell a story with passion and emotion. When someone watches a video they can easily relate to the characters. With text and image, the audience can't get inside a characters mind as well. Catching a users attention is much easier through video and sound than it is through an image or text.


If we look at the stats from Amazon and eBay then we see that if they add a video to their product pages then they can average 35% higher conversions than just images. It is much easier to show more of a product through a video in a short amount of time and again, an audience will relate to this and find it easier to trust it if they can see it being used in front of their eyes.

Emotions And Competition.

Imagine you have seen two different festival events being advertised to you online. The first is an image of the location, lineup or even just a banner. The second is a video of the full experience you can expect when you arrive. I think you would agree that you are more likely going to get hooked into the video over the image. People buy on emotions and it is a lot easier to show emotions people will feel at a festival through a video rather than an image. On top of this over 81% of businesses are using video for their campaigns, therefore why would you want to miss out on where everyone is already advertising.

Let's Look At An Example.

One really awesome campaign we have seen recently is from Square Space. Square Space is an online website creator. The campaign they have released recently is a bunch of people talking about their success after creating a website with the platform. They have managed to really show emotion with this campaign and also have managed to reach a wide audience that will more than likely relate to one or more of the case study situations. Chances are that if you have been scrolling through YouTube recently then you may have seen one of these many adverts.

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