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Automotive Lifestyle Brand

Slammed UK is an automotive lifestyle brand selling merchandise.
Their aim is to be the biggest automotive brand and provide the best events in the game.


ROAS over the first 3 months


New people reached


ROAS week one just re-engaging
social media following
The Goal
We came in to help with their paid advertising campaigns, growing sales online via Facebook and Instagram.
The Solution

Starting with a lower budget to usual, we had to get the ball rolling fast. We made sure to grab the 'lowest hanging fruit' to allow us to put more budget back into the advertising and grow faster.

First of all, we started with social media engagement. This meant that we were re-engaging people that had an interest in the brand over the past couple of months. This was a really successful start to the campaign and allowed us to get a return of 13X within week 1.

Stage 2 was to start gathering other audiences. Luckily they had a Pixel installed from when they launched their site. This meant we had a good amount of data to work with for a bunch of audiences that were based on existing customers.

Finally, we started to expand into new audiences and continued to test a bunch of creatives. Overall we have seen great results so far and can't wait to continue to help Slammed UK grow and achieve their goals!


Return on ad spend stayed consistent over the first 3 months once we had the initial spike of sales.

  • 5.21x ROAS (Return on ad spend) Average over 3 months.

  • 13x ROAS in the first week using the 'lowest hanging fruit'.

  • Over 275K new highly targeted people reached.

  • Email & SMS marketing set up on the backend.

A mixture of paid ads, email and SMS marketing have all in all brought a great return for the client over the initial 3 months working together.

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